Workplace Mental Health - Foundations of Early Intervention

3.5 Hours

Max Students:

Designed for:
This workshop is suitable for all levels of staff and all job roles. It provides the psychological safety capabilities essential for everyone in the workplace. (Note: Mental health workshops are provided in partnership with CommuniCorp Group. Representatives and staff from, or affiliated with, corporate training organisations or psychological service providers are ineligible to attend. Attendance is at the sole discretion of National Safety Council of Australia and CommuniCorp Group.)



Pre-entry Requirements:

This practical half day workshop builds confidence and skills and covers the early intervention essentials that all staff need to know when it comes to workplace mental health issues. This includes knowing how to identify early warning signs, how to approach someone, how to have a conversation with someone, and how (and where) to refer someone to access help in the face of workplace mental health concerns. Rather than focusing on types of diagnosis or awareness raising alone, this hands-on workshop delivered by CommuniCorp’s senior workplace psychologists, builds the critical foundational capabilities for people to make a genuine difference to the psychological health of others in the workplace. This workshop is the perfect stepping stone to other workplace mental health training, such as Developing Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces, Managing Staff with Mental Health Concerns and Psychosocial Risk Assessment.


During this workshop, participants will receive information on:

  • The importance of workplace mental health and wellbeing including: differentiating workplace versus community approaches to mental health.
  • Psychologically safe and healthy workplaces - including: WHS, HR roles and obligations, legal considerations etc.
  • Common workplace mental health issues and challenges, including psychosocial risk indicators.
  • How to recognise early warning signs.
  • Practical intervention and support options.
  • Initiating conversations, skills practice and case studies. Confidentiality issues.
  • Introduction to more complex mental health issues in the workplace (psychosis, drug and alcohol issues and personality disorders).
  • Support services and referral resources.
  • Accessing available support and emergency contact information.

Unit of Competency

Certificate of Attendance will be issued to successful students on completion of course.

Upon completion of the workshop participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Delivery Method:
Training will be delivered within a public training facility utilising theory and practical activities. Delivery will include instructor led presentations / scenarios.

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