Developing Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplaces

1 Day

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This workshop is suitable for professionals working in WHS/OHS, HR, executive and managerial roles that have responsibility for psychological health and wellbeing and safety related initiatives. (Note: Mental health workshops are provided in partnership with CommuniCorp Group. Representatives and staff from, or affiliated with, corporate training organisations or psychological service providers are ineligible to attend. Attendance is at the sole discretion of National Safety Council of Australia and CommuniCorp Group.)



Pre-entry Requirements:

Across industries, there is a high level of awareness of workplace safety and WHS obligations and the benefits of ensuring a safe physical work environment. However, there is far less awareness when it comes to identifying and mitigating psychosocial risk factors and developing a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. With increasing psychological injury claims, escalating complex workplace issues associated with mental health, and huge costs associated with the failure to identify risks and provide early intervention in mental health matters, employers are required to make Psychological Health and Safety a priority. The Developing Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces workshop provides a framework to help organisations not only comply with the Work Health & Safety obligations but also realise performance productivity, reputation, employee engagement, and retention benefits associated with a psychologically healthy workplace. Participants will gain an understanding of the practicalities of identifying psychosocial risk and opportunities and options for intervention and prevention, across primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Utilising evidence-based principles and contemporary research, the workshop provides participants with practical tools and strategies which can be immediately applied to specific teams, departments or across the organisation.


During this workshop, participants will receive information on:

  • What is Psychological Health and Safety?
  • The costs, business case, legal obligations for PS&H at work
  • Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplace (PS&HW) Framework
  • The role of WHS (and HR) in developing a Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplace
  • Identification and assessment of psychosocial risk – individual, team, role and organisational risks factors – tools, strategies and resources.
  • Work-focussed strategies for addressing identified psychosocial risks
  • Targeted case studies for application of identification of risks and applying strategies
  • PS&HW Action Plan for implementation of workplace strategies
  • PS&HW Checklist tool
  • Accessing support and further resources

Upon completion of the workshop participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Delivery Method:
Training will be delivered within a public training facility utilising theory and practical activities. Delivery will include instructor led presentations / scenarios.

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